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Seattle Dog portraits


Let's celebrate the joy and love our dogs bring as cherished family members!

Whether you're dreaming of bright and breezy, dramatic and moody, or naturally vibrant outdoor scenes,

we have the perfect session to showcase your pup's unique charm and personality!


Celebrate Your Dog
With Fine Art Portraits


High-Key Studio Portrait Session

Illuminate your dog's charm with our high-key studio portraits. These bright and airy images accentuate the intricate textures of your dog's fur and the endearing details of their face and body. Each shot captures your dog's vibrant personality in a clean, crisp style, ensuring every feature is beautifully highlighted.

A dramatic, moody, portrait of a black dog with a white beard, lying down with a soulful expression.

Dark and Moody

Studio Portraits Sessions

For a touch of drama and depth, opt for our dark and moody studio portraits. These sessions produce soulful, expressive images that focus on your dog's eyes and face, with dark backgrounds adding an element of mystery. The result is a captivating portrait that reflects the unique spirit and character of your beloved pet.


Mini New Pup Studio Portrait Session

Capture the magic of your new puppy's first year with a delightful portrait session!

Let's celebrate your pup's unique character and charm, creating memories that can be cherished

and shared for years to come. These fun and joyful portraits will perfectly showcase your furry friend's personality, ensuring those precious moments last a lifetime.

Seattle dog portrait: Light brown puppy with white markings lying down and looking at the camera.
Seattle dog portrait: Light brown puppy with white markings lying on a white surface.
2023 Curly _ Jesse Final IMG_639A9876 AIA.jpg
2024 Luna Landscape IMG_4494.jpg

 Outdoor Portraits

Showcase your dog's personality against

the stunning backdrops of the Pacific Northwest

with our outdoor portrait sessions.

Whether you prefer a natural setting

or a modern urban landscape, these sessions

highlight your dog's individuality in the most

flattering way. Capture the essence of

your dog amidst beautiful surroundings, creating vibrant and memorable portraits.


Ready to create a timeless fine art portrait of your dog?


Visit our contact page to schedule a complimentary consultation where we will discuss pricing, your ideas, locations, and dates. Fine art portrait sessions are $288 for 1 to 2 hours, with images purchased separately.

Each session will yield 5 to 10 final portraits for you to choose from. Clients can opt for desk prints, wall art, or wall galleries, with investment ranging from $275 to $2500 in their chosen artwork.

Don't miss the chance to celebrate your dog's unique charm with a portrait you'll cherish for years to come. Contact us today to book your session and begin the journey to creating beautiful, lasting memories.

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Rachel Alves Photography 

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