Rachel Alves Photography 

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 I'm a mama bear and love connecting with people.

I was born in the Philippines, adopted and raised in the 

NW suburbs of Chicago and have lived in Seattle for over 23 yrs.

I love my kid, my friends, gardening & cooking.

I wish I could steal a few inches from my shoe size and add them to my height.

I'm 5 feet tall and wear a size 10 shoe.

I know...

My goal in working with clients is to make you feel comfortable,

and to produce impactful imagery that you are proud to share. 

Professional photography is an investment.

Clients work with me because they value high quality imagery,

my experience, attention to detail and clean editing style. 

Schedule a call, and we will talk about your needs,

my process and how we can create imagery unique to you!

So let's connect!


  My first self portrait over 30 years ago! Shot with a

First self portrait of a young mixed race curly haired female photographer.

  Canon AE-1 35mm SLR Single Lens Reflex film camera.