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Rachel Alves Photography

A premium photography studio where the focus goes beyond the lens.
A portrait of a woman smiling at the camera and wearing a blue shirt.
A professional portrait of a man smiling at the camera clasping both hands together.
A headshot of a woman's profile, who is smiling while wearing a red shirt.

Welcome to Rachel Alves Photography, where premium photography

in the Seattle area is more than just a snapshot – it's an experience.

Our studio excels in skillfully capturing your uniqueness, specializing in commercial photography,

individual and team headshots, branding sessions, executive portraits, and modern portraiture.



Here at Rachel Alves Photography, we believe in going beyond the click of a button.

Our approach is all about creating a comfortable and relaxed environment for our clients,

ensuring you feel at ease in front of the camera. There are no rushed sessions here.

 We take the time to build genuine connections, resulting in stunning images that truly reflect the best of each individual.

Rachel Alves Photography Business Branding Imagery.jpg

What makes Rachel stand out is her commitment to high-quality imagery, meticulous attention to detail, and a clean editing style.

Once the shoot is done, the process continues with a collaborative process where final image selections undergo refinement.

Every photo receives precise adjustments and enhancements, showcasing the very best version of yourself.


Consider Rachel Alves Photography for a memorable photography experience – a blend of professionalism and friendliness,
resulting in a collection of personalized images that tell your story with a relaxed touch.


Whether you're interested in learning more or ready to book a session, let's connect for a brief call.
Throughout our conversation, we'll discuss your needs and vision, my process, pricing, and address any questions you may have.
To move forward, click "Book a Session" and complete the form. I look forward to our chat!


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