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Rachel Alves Photography 

why use a professional
hair & makeup artist?

2023 Before and After Pro Makeup.jpg

  • On-camera makeup is different from your everyday makeup. Studio lighting changes how makeup translates on camera. Working with a professional who has experience with these differences gives you the best results and prevents you from looking washed out.


  • Professional MUA makes sure your skin is properly prepped and hydrated.

  • Have the techniques to slowly build a foundation to make skin look seamless and natural for that soft no-makeup makeup look.

  • Are experts at evening-out skin by canceling out any unwanted tones in your skin through color correcting.

  • Professional makeup applications minimize any retouching that needs to be done in post-production.

  • Professional hmu artists are there to help you look your best, put you at ease,                                                             and give you an experience that sets the tone for the shoot.

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