Executive & Environmental 



Highlight The Leadership

Behind Your Brand


Consumers want to see the leadership behind today's brands.

Whether it's a studio style portrait that offers  

an intimate setting with limited distractions, 

or an environmental portrait that shows a connection with your surroundings,

the focus is to create a visual story

that helps showcase you, your company, and your brand.

What our clients say



"Rachel is a rock star!  I am beyond excited and impressed

with her work.  She is super professional, friendly, and

makes you feel comfortable.  I really enjoyed working with her. 

She listened and followed through with what I was looking for. 

She is very creative, experienced, and brilliant and full of ideas. 

I highly recommend her to anyone. 

And also Robert, the makeup artists whom she works with. 

If you need makeup, ask for Robert! 

Even if you don't think you need one, ask for Robert! 

You won't be disappointed."

- Kacy

"I can't say enough about Rachel

and how great it has been to work with her! 

She has fantastic photographic skills and a ton of experience

but most importantly,

she is an absolute pleasure to work with from beginning to end. 

Her warm and engaging personal style brings out natural smiles

and real expressions that capture the essence of her clients. 

I've had several dozen corporate headshots and profiles pictures taken

over the years and I've never enjoyed the process or have been as satisfied

with the outcome as I have been working with Rachel"

- John Sage, Managing Director, Pivotal Ventures 

A Melinda Gates Company

" I found Rachel by doing a web search,

I really liked her website

because the pricing was straight forward and the samples

of her work were excellent.  I was apprehensive about having

my picture was taken because I've never considered myself to be

photogenic. We first talked on the phone about what I was looking

for and how the process worked,

right away I felt good about working with Rachel.

On picture day, Rachel put me at ease while we took some

practice/test photos. 

Throughout the session, we paused and looked at the photos together,

and I was able to say, "delete that one or that's a good one".   

At the end of the session, she had taken some great pictures of me! 

I am absolutely delighted with the finished product.

I recommend Rachel 100% to anyone looking for a photographer,

 be it for a headshot or portrait. 

She is professional and she knows what she is doing,

so you can relax and enjoy the process and

feel confident that the results are going to be amazing! "

- Deborah M

"The firm I work for recently hired Rachel Alves Photography

to update the professional staff photos we have on our website. 

It was a terrific experience!  Rachel and her team were very responsive,

professional, easy to work with and the results were wonderful!


Rachel was able to create a relaxing and fun environment that

allowed her to digitally capture our staff's personalities. 

The photos are more genuine and the backgrounds more creative

then we have hired in the past. 

I highly recommend Rachel and her team

and will use her services again in the future!"

- Paula H

" This was an easy and natural way to get a

personal branding / public speaking headshot done. 

Rachel is fun to work with, makes everything feel natural,

and takes great photos."

- Alec S

"We had Rachel shoot corporate headshots for our entire leadership team.

She came very prepared including doing some homework to understand the

personalities and roles on our team.  She was generous with her time,

suggestions, and most of all our headshots came out excellent.

We wanted our photos to be consistent ut also be unique for each person

I would definitely use Rachel again!"

- Karen J. Huh, Bulletproof

"Rachel is fantastic to work with.  I needed a variety of headshots

for my professional profile and other work-related matters. 

I am that unfortunate client, however, who does not feel

comfortable at all in front of the camera.

Rachel was so professional and personable,

however, I soon relaxed and

ended up with a great set of photographs. 

She was super fast at getting proofs to me and turning them around. 

I will be going back to her when I need more photos

and recommending her without hesitancy."

- Stacey K